In the year of Expo 2015

"Brescia, the Hospitable Province",

from the title of a promotional campaign, can rely on 1400 accommodations (divided into various categories, which also include B&B, hostels, farm holidays), quality restaurants, taverns and typical inns, well-known confectionaries, historical places, bicycle paths, theatres and performance venues, sports sanctuaries, golf courses, walking trails, sailing schools, riding centres… following the ancient Brescian tradition of hospitality.

Honourable guests, I am pleased to invite You to appreciate and visit the Province of Brescia during the period from 15 May to 31 December 2015 Hoping to have pleased You, I send my best regards. Pier Luigi Mottinelli President

The province of Brescia is one of the vastest in Italy

and offers all the different nuances of tourism, all the tones of an ideal holiday. There is no sea, but there are lakes with typically coastal features, there are mountains, hills and variegated plains. It has 44 museums and three UNESCO sites (the Rock Art Park in Valcamonica, the Roman-Lombard museum complex of Santa Giulia, the lake-dwelling sites of the Alps) as well as libraries, picture galleries, castles, churches dating back to different ages and art galleries. Brescia is excellent in every sphere of interest. One can casually go from the world of engines (with the worldwide famous race Mille Miglia) to that of food-and-wine connoisseurship (with the wines of Franciacorta, Lugana, Garda Classico and Valtenesi). A great Province, divided into seven territories: Brescia and its hinterland, the Camonica Valley, the Trompia Valley, the Sabbia Valley, the Sebino-Franciacorta area, Lake Garda and the Lowlands (la Bassa).

The destinations of recollection

There are plenty of cultural itineraries, poetic sites and literary spots. The destinations of history and culture, Along the same steps as great travellers of the past, writers and artists, go from medieval hamlets to castles in the lowlands, to glimpses of lakes, to peninsulas like that of Sirmione, to places like Montisola, the largest lake island in Europe. And then rivers, mountains, valleys and lakes, in endless fascination.


One can also describe a land with the excellence of its table. Brescia can delight every palate with its renowned wines (the “sparkling” Franciacorta, Lugana, Botticino, Groppello), lake fish dishes, cheeses (Bagoss from Bagolino), salamis (salami from Montisola), ancient spits, the Brescian way, the “concia” cornmeal, stuffed pasta.


For those who love quality wine, the territory of Brescia has hundreds of companies and cellars that have been cultivating the land and vineyards, throughout the centuries, with undiminished passion. The sector of food-and-wine connoisseurship boasts products of international importance, in areas which are, alone, a passport to the pleasure of the palate: Franciacorta, Valtenesi, Lugana on Lake Garda and cultivated plots of land and limited productions ranging from the Lowlands to the mountain areas.


Agriculture plays a leading role in a cultural tradition that has its origins in the past. It is in the Brescian area, with agronomists like Agostino Gallo and Camillo Tarello, that the modern art of cultivation, field rotation and analysis of the soil developed. Then there is the art of the lemon-houses, of terraces cultivated in the sun of northern Garda, of olive groves on the Benaco and Sebina coasts, farmhouses in the Lowlands.

Welcome to “Brescia, the Hospitable Province”

Brescia is geographically located between Milan and Venice

Reasons for the project “Brescia the Hospitable Province”

Kind Guest, First of all I must thank You for joining our campaign “Brescia the Hospitable Province”. With your request for a “Hospitality Card” You have added an important part to the puzzle that I am completing with the help of many operators who make up the touristic offer. Our objective is to make your stay in our beautiful Province more and more comfortable. What we can offer You today is not an asset card, Therefore we do not promise discounts or any type of facilitation, it serves You and us as a sign of appreciation. The card indicates your friendship and interest in our territory and its greatness. is at your complete disposal. We will try to do our share without promising anything. Thank You, with deep gratitude for your attention. Best regards, enjoy your stay.

The President Pier Luigi Mottinelli

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